Monday, April 18, 2016

Functions - Interactive Notebook Pages

After participating in the #swdmathchat on Twitter on Thursday night with Anya at Teaching in Special Education moderating, I decided I'd try to blog about a few interactive notebook pages. I'm going to start with my Math 1 notebook and the first unit... then upload more as I have the time. 

In my interactive notebooks, I have students create a table of contents for each unit from Sarah Carter at MathEqualsLove. (It's hard getting use to writing Sarah Carter, I'm so use to referring to Sarah Hagan!) Then I have students use a small sticky note to create tab so they know where each unit begins. Last year, I had students create one long table of contents at the beginning on their interactive notebook and it didn't seem as organized to me.

The first unit was an introduction to the various function types that students will be exposed to during this course: linear, quadratic, and exponential functions.This was students very first time looking at and classifying functions other than linear functions.  I also chose to include absolute value functions so they could be compared to quadratic and linear functions, even though they are not in the Math 1 curriculum in North Carolina. 

The majority of these pages were summarizing what we were doing in class. 

The page on the left is the one we did this semester.
The page on the right is the same page from last semester. 

TI-84 Calculator file is from Sarah Carter at MathEqualsLove. 

Individual pages summarizing the different types of functions. 

 This foldable was adapted from Sarah Carter's Math Equals Love.

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