Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why I'm Blogging

I am beginning to blog about my math classroom as a part of the MTBoS. I've been reading math blogs for the past few years and they have had a great influence on my teaching. I could always turn to these trusted sites to get ideas for graphic organizers or activities to use with my lessons. But I was too bogged down with teaching and coaching to start sharing my own ideas (or so I thought.)

However, during this past summer my school system started encouraging teachers to share what they are doing using social media. As a result, I created a Twitter account and I immediately started following a few of my favorite math bloggers. Then Sarah posted on her blog about using the hashtag #teach180. The goal was to take a picture of your classroom everyday and tweet about it. It was AWESOME! Immediately, I was able to view into a lot of other classrooms and even began to share snippets of my own. Sometime in October, Sarah tweeted about the MTBoS mentoring program and I decided to take the plunge into the blogging world. 

My hope for blogging is to share what I'm doing in my class and give back to the math community that has inspired me to be a better teacher.  

So here it goes...

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  1. Hello Jennifer,

    I too am starting a blog this month. I look forward to learning from you in 2016.